Our History


Presbyterian Campus Ministry began here in 1928

United Campus Ministry has been an Aggie tradition for 84 years. This ministry dates back to the formation of the Presbyterian Student Ministry begun in 1928 at the all-male, military college then known as the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas. It was started in the YMCA building on campus where 75-100 men chose to attend Presbyterian worship services there to fulfill their chapel requirement.  Shortly after, the Southern Presbyterian Synod of Texas established two parishes for ministry to the two universities of Texas. Out of this effort, University Presbyterian Church in Austin was established adjacent to the University of Texas campus and A&M Presbyterian Church was established adjacent to the Texas A&M University campus.  A&M Presbyterian has since moved and become Covenant Presbyterian.

UCCLF was located here until the 1970s.

Presbyterian Student Ministry for the Northern Presbyterians located in an old banking facility in 1961. It was at this time that such Presbyterian campus ministries all over Texas began to take a stronger role in social action and ecumenism.    Because TAMU was a military campus, political debate was not permitted on campus.  Groups like the Texas Aggie Democrats, Aggie Republicans, Students for a Democratic Society, and others had no place to organize except in places like the campus ministry.   George H.W. Bush, while running for congress, spoke in our building.   After becoming President, he would locate his library at Texas A&M.  This ministry was committed to dorm exchanges with Prairie View A&M to protest segregation and was committed to the unity of the Body of Christ.   As a result, the Christian Churches (Disciples of Christ) and the United Churches of Christ became partners in ministry during this time under the name “United Campus Christian Life Fellowship.”

In 1976, UCCF moved back to A&M Presbyterian Church (“Behind The Chicken”) and merged with L.I.G.H.T. (Love is God’s Heavenly Torch), a lay led Bible Study which met at A&M Presbyterian as well. In 1977, under the leadership of Michael Miller, the group changed its name to United Campus Ministry.    The ministry has continued its roots of spirituality and social justice while also seeking to reach out in mission and promote leadership development.




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